Journal: What Is Your Organization’s Mission?

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Peggy Noonan

Look Ahead With Stoicism—and Optimism

While so many of our institutions have failed, we can repair them. The first step is to take personal responsibility.

Maybe the most worrying trend the past 10 years can be found in this phrase: “They forgot the mission.” So many great American institutions—institutions that every day help hold us together—acted as if they had forgotten their mission, forgotten what they were about, what their role and purpose was, what they existed to do. You, as you read, can probably think of an institution that has forgotten its reason for being. Maybe it's the one you're part of.

Phi Beta Iota: The Op-Ed reads like Paradigms of Failure, and this ia good thing.  The American public is awake now, and moderate right to mdoerate left, 43% of the eligible voters now Independent and most very angry with the failure of all of our institutions and most especially the two-party tyranny–if President Barack Obama does not break from his partisan colleagues and sponsor Electoral Reform in time for 2010, the Second American Revolution may just show itself in a massive housecleaning, a “pox” on both houses, both parties.

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