Worth a Look: Citizen Intelligence on Homeland Security Waste

Collective Intelligence, Methods & Process, Worth A Look

Starting in the fall of 2008, the Center for Investigative Reporting and The Center for Public Integrity fielded a team of reporters to examine how effectively governments at all levels had managed money and programs dedicated to homeland security.  The result was a series of stories — and an interactive map — that have been combined into a single collaborative website

A Troubled History …   Is Congress Failing on Homeland Security Oversight? …    Homeland Security’s Billion-Dollar Bet on Better Communications …   Interoperability: A Priority for Homeland Security? …   Homeland Security Marked by Waste, Lack of Oversight …   Assessing RNC Police Tactics, Part I …   Assessing RNC Police Tactics, Part II …   Fighting Crime with Computers in Minnesota …   A Legacy of Spying …   Are Things Any Different in Denver? …   Homeland Security Pays Dividends for Alaska

Phi Beta Iota: What we really admire is the team’s organization: Editoral Team, Reporting Team, Fact Checking, Data Analysis, Web/Multimedia, Web Design, Media, and Funding.

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