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This is not a new organization. It is a new goal for every organization.

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The first phase of Four Years Go will roll out in Feb 2010.

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Dear friends,

I want to highlight new developments that have come to light  concerning one part of my Jan 27 piece “Avatar is stimulating some  very juicy conversation…”  http://bit.ly/AvatarJuicy which, it turns out, was read by leaders of the Pachamama* Alliance  http://bit.ly/PachAvatar.

The Pachamama Alliance  http://pachamama.org — a co-creative  initiative between Western activists and Ecuadorean rainforest  peoples — bussed a hundred Indigenous folks from the jungles and  highlands down to a theater Quito to see Avatar in 3D, an event  covered here:  http://bit.ly/PacAvatar2

Some had never seen a movie before.  Their reactions were striking:   “That's what's happening to us” … “We are prepared” … “Of course  they need a White Savior; this is Hollywood!” … “This movie acts  like violence is the only option”.  One said that people who want to  exploit petroleum should see the film.

Well, THAT almost happened.  In addition to running remarkable  “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” symposia around the  world, Pachamama does consciousness-raising tours to the Amazon  rainforest.  One of the top ad men in the world was profoundly  impacted by a recent tour he was on.  He decided that doing pro bono work for the Pachamama Alliance could help make up for a lifetime of  selling people things they don't need.  His ad agency, which has  created campaigns like Nike's “Just Do It” and Coke's “It's the Real  Thing”, is now working on videos to kick off Pachamama's new  FourYearsGo campaign.


This visionary effort aims to redirect the  story of civilization from self-destruction to a better world in four  years.  Pachamama co-founder Lynne Twist describes the campaign and  its history in a very inspiring 30 minute video

Her talk includes an inspiring short promotional video by the ad  agency.  Also included is a story about some of the world's leading  mainstream scenario scientists at Shell's pioneering global modeling  lab.  They spend their days developing scenarios of what would  probably happen if this or that event occurred or if this or that  trend becomes big or small, to inform major CEOs and heads of state.

Lately they had become very concerned over the troubling prospects  showing up in their scenarios; the future was looking more and more  like collapse.  Then during a Pachamama program, several of them  realized that human transformation was not in any of their scenarios  — and that that's where hope lies.  Pachamama is now working with
them to create realistic scenarios that include transformation.

So I'm slowly getting it that this outrageously ambitious FourYearsGo  program has a chance to actually work.  Perhaps most importantly, it  isn't run from the top according to some big master plan that  everyone is supposed to work on.  It aims to spark a self-organizing  movement, inviting all NGOs, companies, communities, and people to  choose their most potent and visionary social improvement projects to  do within the next four years — in the context of thousands and  millions of others making the same decision.  (It makes me think of  Open Space, a self-organizing approach to conferencing in which the  guiding principle is “Take responsibility for what you love as an act  of service.”)

FourYearsGo seeks to catalyze a newly vibrant world of  wildly diverse and inspired initiatives to co-create a better
tomorrow.  (I hope they provide online spaces for initiatives to  share experience and vision and to collaborate and learn from each  other, which will greatly facilitate co-intelligent self-organization.)

Many people use the term “trimtab” to describe such an effort.  A  trimtab is the small rudder that is part of a giant rudder on a big  ship.  The trimtab turns the rudder and the rudder turns the ship.   The next four years are a trimtab for this century, whose energies  will probably shape the nature of life on earth for thousands of  years to come.

FourYearsGo is a trimtab for the consciousness and  energy of individuals, groups, networks and nations around the world,  who have the power to alter the course of the vast earthship called  civilization that we are all part of.

This remarkable initiative is getting set to launch on Valentine's  Day, February 14, this coming Sunday.  Organizations that sign up by  today (Feb 12) will be part of the launch.


The Co-Intelligence Institute has decided to join in — and we  encourage you to do so, as well.

I hope James Cameron joins and helps fuel this rocket.  A Pachamama  board member apparently talked with him after the Quito showing.  I  don't know what transpired, but I can't get a particular image out of  my mind:  Na'vi calling on humanity to undertake the most possible,  necessary, and awe-inspiring transformations of life on Earth, right
there in some of the ad videos that will come out in just a few  months….

Waking the dreamer, changing the dream…


*Pachamama is an indigenous Andean name for the world, for reality as  a sacred being and context for life.  It is like the term Mother  Earth, expanding to include the universe and all time.  Pachamama is  something for awake people to be aware of, to care for, to learn  from, to appreciate, to celebrate — in its greatest and most local  manifestations — for it carries Life.  The Pachamama Alliance  promotes that kind of sacred but grounded life-mindfulness and  planetary stewardship.


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