Event: 9-10 June 2010, D.C., Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance-Challenges, Opportunities, Requirements, and Master Plans

Commerce, Communities of Practice, Government, Intelligence (government), Military
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30 Leading Experts from HAF/A2, OPNAV/N2/N6F2(ISR), Army G2/DCS-I, OUSD-I, USJFCOM, USAF 480th ISR Wing, AFWC, AFMC, NGA, USNORTHCOM, USAF 950th ELSG, Army EW Div., USAF Space AE, GAO, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Microsoft, SAIC, Mercury, Booz Allen Hamilton examine:

* Government ISR Strategy, Plans, Roadmaps, Needs & Initiatives
* Developing/Deploying Integrated ISR (DCGS-based) Networks
* Platform and Payload Needs, Challenges and Capabilities
* Next-Generation Intelligence Collection, Analysis & Dissemination
* Developing the ISR Enterprise

About The Conference:
Dealing with the New Realities, Opportunities and Challenges in Global ISR. Continuing gaps in intelligence information sharing capabilities post 9/11, emerging requirements for new “ISR surges” in Afghan and Iraqi operations, ISR challenges associated with new counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations, increased roles for ISR assets across a broad range of new and evolving missions (space defense, maritime domain awareness, global surveillance/global strike, etc.) – these and many other critical issues are driving the ongoing reassessment of our current ISR forces.

This outstanding summit on ISR assembles the key organizations and senior experts who are shaping the direction of ISR requirements and capabilities.

* What are the OSD and Service strategies, roadmaps, plans, needs and initiatives for ISR
* What are the hurdles in developing interoperable ISR Networks?
* What role will DCGS play? Emerging communications network capabilities? Unmanned Aircraft Systems? Space-based assets? Full-Motion Video?
* Where and how do the differing domain (space, air, ground, sea, cyberspace) requirements intersect?

These and many other critical questions will be exhaustively analyzed during this outstanding two day event.

Distinguished Panel of Experts

Maj Gen James Poss – Director, ISR Strategy, Integration and Doctrine, HAF/A2
Lt. Gen (ret) Dan Leaf – Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Northrop Grumman IS
RDML Terry Kraft – Director, ISR Capabilities, US Navy
Mr. Ray Petty – Chief Operating Officer, Mercury Federal Systems
COL James Stockmoe – Director, Intelligence Plans and Operations, US Army
Col Daniel R. Johnson – Commander, 480th ISR Wing, USAF
Col Kevin Wooton – Military Assistant, DUSD, Portfolio and Programs, OUSD-I
Ms. Lisa Mazur – Deputy for Intelligence, Air Force Materiel Command
Brig Gen (ret) Michael Lee – Vice President/General Manager, Military Services Intelligence Solutions, GDIT
Mr. Kevin Stamey – Director of Engineering, PEO-ISR, Air Force Materiel Command
Col David DeNofrio – Commander, 950th Electronic Systems Group (ISR Systems), ESC
Ms. Davi D’Agostino – Director, Defense Capabilities and Management, US GAO
Col Thomas Curran – Deputy Director, Joint UAS Center of Excellence, Air Force Warfare Center
Senior Representative – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
BG Barbara Fast – Vice President, Cyber Solutions, The Boeing Company
Mr. Greg Wenzel – Vice President, ISR Programs, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mr. William Jones – Vice President, Defense and Civil Mission Solutions, Raytheon
Mr. Anthony Moraco – Senior Vice President and General Manager, Space and Geo-INT, SAIC
Mr. John Kittle – Program Manager, Empire Challenge, USJFCOM
Mr. Mark Kassner – Director, BAMS UAS PMO, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
COL Laurie Buckhout – Chief, Electronic Warfare Division, US Army
Lt.Col Kevin Judd – Chief, ORS Programs, Space Acquisition Executive
Lt.Col Daniel Cockerham – Chief, J583, US Northern Command
Mr. Vince Snyder – Director, Mission Integration, Lockheed Martin IS & GS
Mr. Trip Carter – Director, Airborne ISR Mission Area, Northrop Grumman IS
Mr. Lewis Shepherd – Director and Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft IATG

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