Journal: Ralph Peters on General Jim Mattis, USMC

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The ‘warrior monk’

New CENTCOM head is our finest Marine

Last Updated: 4:32 PM, July 13, 2010

Posted: 12:58 AM, July 13, 2010

Phi  Beta Iota: Ralph Peters does not gush very often.  Noted and recommended.  By and large, America’s so-called flag officers are a global disgrace–battalion commanders in way over the head, with no clue on multinational, joint, operations other than war, acquisition, military education & training, the list is long.  The Secretary of Defense and the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence have been especially disappointing, since there is nothing about defense that is “intelligence-driven” and most especially acquisition–hence, as brilliant as this particular flag officer is, and we almost always agree with Ralph Peters’ judgment, he is “lipstick on the pig.”  It is still a pig.

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