Worth A Look: Association for Intelligence Officers

Worth A Look

Phi Beta Iota: Apart from Intelligence Online out of Paris, we regard the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO) in the USA, along with the Society of Competitive Intelligence Progressionals (SCIP) as being among the best of the best.  Below is the table of contents from their latest newsletter.  Anyone can join as a subscriber, at this time full membership is limited to US intelligence officers, but one day we hope to see AFIO become truly deeply multinational.  In the meantime, we hold AFIO is the very highest regard and strongly recommend subscribing to their newsletter.

AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #26-10 dated 13 July 2010



  • Afghan NSA Blasts Pak for Providing Safe Havens to Al-Qaeda, Other Terror Groups
  • Britain Pledges Inquiry Into Torture
  • North Korean Female Spy Spared
  • British Government Curbs Stop-and-Search Terrorism Powers
  • Two U.S. Spies for Cuba Ask Court to Jail Them Near Each Other
  • CIA to Debrief Agents Freed by Russia
  • NSA Offers Explanation of Perfect Citizen
  • Ex-CIA Chief: Secrecy After Attack on Syrian Nuclear Plant Unjustified
  • Microsoft Gives Source Code for Windows to KGB Successor
  • Lack of Ethnic Minorities a Concern in Intelligence Services
  • Yemen Arrests Journalist Over Links Al-Qaeda


  • Everything You Wanted to Know About the KGB But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Former Top CIA Spy: How US Intelligence Became Big Business
  • Ex-KGB General: Soviet Spy Stood Ready to Poison DC’s Water
  • Five Spy Experts Discuss Lessons Learned from the Spy Swap
  • Cuban Ex-Intelligence Chief Recalls JFK Assassination
  • Timeline: Spy Swaps in History


  • Defense Department Broadens Congressional Oversight of Secret Programs, by Marc Ambinder
  • Why Doesn’t the FBI Prosecute More Spies? The Logic Behind Swapping the Russian Agents Rather Than Bringing Them to Trial, by Asha Rangappa
  • Spy Swap Was a Mistake, by Gene Coyle

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