Citizen Intelligence Call Centers & Open311 to Connect Citizens to Governance & “True Costs” via Online & Mobile

Collective Intelligence, Mobile, Open Government

CitySourced Integrates San Francisco’s Open 311 System
San Francisco — May 5th, 2010 — CitySourced, a real time mobile civic engagement company and a finalist at the 2009 TechCrunch50 conference, announced today that its innovative mobile phone application is now integrated with the San Francisco Open311 API to send reports from CitySourced directly to San Francisco’s 311 system. 311 systems allow citizens to connect directly with non-emergency government offices.

Call centers for people to find out anything they need “one cell call at a time” is mentioned in two of these books published by the 501(c)3 Earth Intelligence Network (Collective Intelligence & Intelligence for Earth). A product and service system that provides all supply chain information & “true cost” information to anyone (to help with purchasing decisions) with a phone (SMS & audio) is also being advocated (public kiosks, too). This could also be added in the future to this kind of product video screen.

An Open 311 System for the City of New York – a Letter to Mayor Bloomberg
(May 2009)

Open311 – A Platform for a Participatory Civic Infrastructure presentation by Philip Ashlock (September 8, 2009) A good slogan in this presentation is “911 for emergency action, 311 for emergent action.” & Open311 API Wiki

NYC's 311 web portal

San Francisco's 311 web portal

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