Worth a Look: New Book Engaging Emergence

Worth A Look

Dear Colleague,

Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity is almost here…I'm excited to share the news that my book will ship from the printer on August 6th.

Engaging Emergence
Amazon Page

To get that buzz going, I'm asking everyone I know to help me get the book off to a fast start! Please consider picking up a copy of the book, perhaps even ordering a second copy as a gift for a friend. Or forward this message on to people you think would find the book of interest so that they can pre-order a copy for themselves.

I'm thrilled with how the book turned out. Esthetically, it is beautiful. And based on the feedback from many of you, people are finding the content useful and inspiring. I look forward to your feedback.

Engaging Emergence offers principles, practices, and real-word stories for bringing compassion, creativity, and wisdom to the entire arc of change-from disruption to coherence. For more about the contents, click here.

You can even check out the text.

Pre-order the book from Amazon

Thank you again for your support — of me and of the book.


Peggy Holman

Phi Beta Iota: Peggy Holman is one of the top grass-roots leadership and self-organization gurus in the USA, and easily among the top 100 in the world. She may be the most active practitioner of Open Space Technology as conceived by Harrison Owen.

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