Journal: DoD Falling…30-50% Cut in KR, Cuts to Benefits Next

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(COMMENT:  Retirees being targeted again…)

Tom Philpott | August 05, 2010

Advisory Panels Say Military Benefits Unsustainable

A consensus is building among current and former military leaders and defense industry executives that rising military personnel costs threaten the viability of the all-volunteer force.

FULL STORY, Excellent Quotes from MajGen Arnold Punaro, USMC (Ret) former Staff Director, Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC)

Phi Beta Iota: Health benefits would not be a problem if Congress did not insist on paying 100 times more for the top 75 prescription drugs as paid by all others (Canada only pays 10 times more).  DoD can be saved, but someone somewhere is going to have to get a grip on reality, strategy, acquisition, and Whole of Government operations.  We are not holding our breath.

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