Graphic: Core Force for Multinational and Whole of Government Operations

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Core Force
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This graphic was created for a lecture to Eastern European Parliamentarians at the George C. Marshall Center in the mid-tolate 1990's.  Many understood back then that the Department of Defense (DoD) was the only element of the U.S. Government (USG) capable of serving as a hub or backbone for USG Whole of Government and dynamic or surge inter-agency operations as well as multinational operations other than war (OOTW).

Unfortunately, the military services have managed to avoid, undermine, or ignore leadership from a series of Secretaries of Defense, so today we do not have a Global Information Grid (GIG) nor do we have joint mobility, weapons, or communications systems that are truly inter-operable.

Originally posted online in 2008 when this Blog was first created, we are updating the publication date to make it more easily visible–this will be, we believe, a central graphic for the multinational endeavors of the future.

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