Journal: UN on Food Security, It’s All Connected

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Renewed instability in global food markets requires urgent response, UN expert said

An independent United Nations human rights expert today called on governments and the international community to promptly tackle the renewed instability of global food markets, noting the related social unrest that has hit some countries in recent weeks.

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Phi Beta Iota: Despite the fact that the UN has clearly identified the top ten high-level threats to humanity from poverty (includes food security) to other atrocities (includes predatory immoral capitalism), and Earth Intelligence Network has identified the core twelve policies requiring harmonization to avoid food riots, no one, anywhere, is actually doing strategic analytics in an integrated, holistic, cause and effect “true costs” fasion.  This is frustrating, because there is plenty of wealth on the planet, and lots of new wealth that could be created, but no one seems ready to step up to the obvious challenge, creating the World Brain and Global Game.

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