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U.S. worker's case reveals how drug cartels get help from this side of border

Martha Garnica

The cartels have grown so sophisticated, law enforcement officials say, that they are employing Cold War-era spy tactics to recruit and corrupt U.S. officials.

“In order to stay in business, the drug trafficking organizations have to look at different methods for moving product,” said Thomas Frost, an assistant inspector general in the Department of Homeland Security. “The surest method is by corrupting a border official. The amount of money available to corrupt employees is staggering.”

Phi Beta Iota: This is an especially well-done, detailed article by The Washington Post, and not one of the run-of-the-mill apologias from the camp followers.  What is not fully discussed is the MASSIVE corruption as well as the in-extremis one-time recruitments (e.g. fishermen shown photo of their captive family, one run only) on all four borders–north and west as well as south-gulf-florida and east.  Furthermore, the reality is that corruption starts at the top, and global corruption starts in New York City and Washington, D.C.   Corruption riddles every aspect of US Government planning, programming, budgeting, and operations across the twelve core policies, from agriculture to water.

When a Nation's policy is to embrace dictators, fund fanatics, overthrow democratic governments, and generally impose predatory financial terms on those less fortunate, one should expect the lower ranks to break down.  US Presidents sell out all the time–as do Members of the Senate and Congress–because the two party “monopoly” on dispensing the taxpayer's revenue has created a climate of corruption.  Corruption  can only be stopped by restoring accountability, democracy, integrity, and transparency from top to bottom (small town leaders are even more corrupt than national leaders because they do more damage against a smaller base).  CIA and DEA and the FBI all launder money, leverage drug operations, and generally sacrifice the public interest in favor of their national security games–witness the crack cocaine epidemic that is directly tied to CIA's constant protection of the strategic drug smuggler, Nicaraguan Contra Blandon.   The public must create public intelligence in the public interest, to achieve political-legal, socio-economic, ideo-cultural, techno-demographic, and natural-geographic remediation in an open non-violent fashion that ultimately produces a prosperous world at peace.

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