Journal: US Research & Development in the Toilet

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U.S. innovation: On the skids

Technologists look to a new White House to reverse decade-long slide in R&D

By Gary Anthes, ComputerWorld, October 21, 2008

By most measures, the U.S. is in a decade-long decline in global technological competitiveness. The reasons are many and complex, but central among them is the country’s retreat from long-term basic research in science and technology, coupled with a surge in R&D by countries such as China.

Tip of the Hat to Lynn Wheeler at LinkedIn.

Phi Beta Iota: This ties in perfectly with US secret intelligence fraud, waste, and abuse (hand-outs to corporations for vapor-ware, see our quick study 2010: OPINION–America’s Cyber Scam); and also with Chuck Spinney’s long-standing concerns about the plans-reality mismatch and the criminal insanity of raising two generations of engineers who know nothing but “government specification cost plus” production.

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