Malware Intelligence of Modern Crimeware

Computer/online security, Cyberscams, malware, spam, Methods & Process, Privacy, Technologies

MalwareIntelligence is a site dedicated to the investigation of crimes committed using the Internet as the main channel of attack. Also, anything that involves maneuvering and criminal activities in this area, covering a wide spectrum in the field of computer criminology.

The mission is to work in a completely disinterested in the continuous improvement in prevention to security incidents that allow for timely contingency threats.

Thus MalwareIntelligence behind is a group of professionals in research, intelligence and information security, which fuse the various processes involved in these disciplines to offer exclusive content, quality and high value for the resolution of computer crime.

MalwareIntelligence currently has two divisions:

MalwareDisasters is devoted to analyzing malicious code from a purely involved in intelligence processes. The content expressed in this division refers mainly to activities “visual” of malware.

SecurityIntelligence channels information on information security, also from the standpoint of intelligence processes, resulting in a high-value content to understand the need to merge Intelligence in Information Security.

Thanks to Alexander Heid's talk at the Next Hope called “Modern CrimeWare Tools and Techniques: An Analysis of Underground Resources– Download Audio: 16kbps or 64kbps

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