2010 Reference: HEALTH–The Price of Excess (PWC)

07 Health, Analysis, Budgets & Funding, Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Methods & Process, Reform, Waste (materials, food, etc)
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EXCERPT:  Our research found that wasteful spending in the health system has been calculated at up to $1.2 trillion of the $2.2 trillion spent in the United States, more than half of all health spending. Defensive medicine, such as redundant, inappropriate or unnecessary tests and procedures, was identified as the biggest area of excess, followed by inefficient healthcare administration and the cost of care necessitated by conditions such as obesity, which can be considered preventable by lifestyle changes.

Phi Beta Iota: PriceWaterhouse Coopers hit it out of the park with this study, and we are even more pleased that after we pointed out the unreadability of the orange print/gray scale text as originally posted, they have now posted a solid black very readable version.  It is free with registration and we urge all who have an interest of any sort in Health to get this document, print it, and send this link on to others.  It is “Ref A” for our forthcoming Sense-Making Summit '11: Public Health.

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