Journal: “Illegal” Immigrant vs. Corporate “Personality”

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Carlos Roa

Carlos Roa

Undocumented immigrant, veteran and student

Posted: October 19, 2010 02:46 PM

What Part of Human Being Don’t You Understand?

I wonder if people who insist upon using the i-word ever think about the impact it has on human lives. “What part of ‘illegal’ don’t you understand?!” they say. Well, as an undocumented immigrant, I need people to understand the traumatic effect this racist language has on us and our families. Many people who don’t experience this reality don’t seem to realize the inescapable feelings of inferiority it creates. Or that we can get to a transparent, thorough dialogue on human rights and humane immigration solutions only when we remove the i-word as a central piece of the conversation.

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COMMENT by Robert David Steele Vivas as Posted at Huffington Post

I like this, a great deal.  Am cross-posting it to Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog.

I strongly agree that allowing corporations to abuse the environment, communities, and their employees with the added protection of “personality” is a travesty, and one that my Virtual Cabinet has already addressed here at Huffington Post.

The URL for the Virtual Cabinet is:

With respect to how the USA has treated immigrants over the centuries, I am now ready to say that this abusive exploitation, of Chinese, of Irish, of others, combined with our genociding of the Native Americans and our enslavement of Black Africans, needs to be defined and treated as “Other Atrocities,” one of the high-level threats to humanity identified by the United Nations High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenge, and Change.

My review of their report is here:

However, what really touches me about this note [disclosure: I am a white Hispanic] is the author’s clear angst over the racism that he has felt, and his very articulate call for a dialog and understanding.  This is where I think we need to go, and I will address this with the Virtual Cabinet in the weeks to come.

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