NIGHTWATCH Extract: China-Pakistan & Kashmir Terror, Regional Water…and Palestine

09 Terrorism, 12 Water, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

China-Pakistan: Chinese Major General Yang Hui, director general of the Intelligence Directorate, visited Chief of Army Staff General Kayani at General Headquarters on 28 October, Associated Press of Pakistan reported. The two discussed matters of professional interest, according to Pakistan's Inter Services Public Relations.

NIGHTWATCH Comment: A visit by a Chinese intelligence general to Pakistan usually signifies a problem. The usual problem is that Pakistan is harboring, aiding, training and abetting anti-Han Chinese Islamic terrorists in the 42 terrorist camps that Pakistani intelligence sustains in Pakistani Kashmir.

Chinese intelligence officials seldom visit unless there is a problem. The Chinese do not seem concerned that Pakistani-trained terrorists kill Indians or Americans, but they do object to Pakistan providing or tolerating training of Xinjiang Uighurs who want to kill Han Chinese.


Phi Beta Iota: This is interesting at multiple levels–it suggests among other things that the US and China could be constructively discussing an international solution to Kashmir and to regional water issues (what really underlies Kashmir).  That in turn could be tied to an international solution and regional water issue around Palestine.

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