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The below report by the Open Society Foundations (a Soros project) is extremely important and should get the widest distribution.  It documents the cumulative blowback caused by our narcissistic ideas about how to win the hearts and minds of the Afghans.  It does this by systematically examining the views of a wide variety of Afghans in an effort to construct an Afghan narrative of how the intervention is affecting their lives. That this narrative is often at variance with our views (which makes it easy to dismiss by western military leaders), the report shows why this is really quite beside the point.  Of particular interest (at least to me) is the Afghan narrative of the psychological effects of collateral damage cause by our all-seeing, all-knowing precision strike systems. It is a classic on how the ongoing self-referencing BS about the performance of these weapons is blowing back on itself to magnify the atmosphere of mistrust and alienation that is playing directly into the success of the insurgent's guerrilla strategy.

Of course, this report might be easily dismissed by those patriotic Amurikans, drunk on High Tea, as the subversive product of the lefty Hungarian-emigre George Soros, who is, after all, just another ‘other.'

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Phi Beta Iota: A properly managed intelligence campaign would have anticipated and then closely monitored this kind of situational awareness.  It is called “Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.”  Neither CIA nor DIA know how to do this.

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