Journal: Crowdsourcing II

Collective Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence

Lukas Biewald chief executive of CrowdFlower


The Digital Meritocracy

Lukas Biewald, 11.09.10, 04:00 PM EST for

How crowdsourcing will change the way the world works.

s the amount of digital work increases and the amount of physical work decreases, our notions of employment and work change profoundly. Digital work doesn’t require roads and factories; it requires a laptop and an Internet connection–equipment that people have access to in their homes. The need for offices, supervisors and rigid employment arrangements diminishes.

As technology improves, companies should theoretically be able to access in real-time the perfect person for a given job–the one who will do the job the best, enjoy it the most or do it the fastest. All these factors combine in a way that will change the landscape of work. Here’s what I think that will look like:–Within a decade résumés will become less important as we continue to adopt newer, multifaceted ways to measure the quality of a candidate’s work.

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