Reference: $1.5 Billion Health Care “Rationing Board”

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Wait a minute here! Nancy Pelosi said that we need to pass the healthcare bill to see what's in it. Now that it's passed and we're getting to see the details, Ecuador, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and even Italy are looking like great places to retire happily ever after… Their healthcare programs are no where as restrictive or dangerous to longevity as Obamacare!!!

Check out this video – it's really eye-opening…

Dr. David Janda explains health care rationing and quitting of 40+% physicians who will go to jail if they fail to comply with denials of care.

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Phi Beta Iota: The editorial board watched this video in its entirety.  If these details are confirmed, they are grounds for the impeachment of all those who voted for health rationing and cost rationing by a federal board appointed by President Barack Obama. The evil incarnate in legislation passed without Member review, much less public review, is one reason we believe that Electoral Reform must demand that all legislation be subject to prior public review before being voted upon.  It also bears mention that the alternative to rationing care is a combination of sound health policy (see Graphic) and honest government (top 75 prescriptions can be gotten legally for 1% of what we pay now, a dishonest government has promised not to negotiate prices, the quid pro quo for pharmaceutical campaign contributions to both parties.

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