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Hoyer: “Military Should Share Fed Civs' Sacrifice” (

In reaction to the president's announcement, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) quickly said the freeze should also extend to troops in uniform.

Throw the WikiBook at them (Washington Post)

…however quaint that term may seem. We are at war – a hot war in Afghanistan where six Americans were killed just this past Monday, and a shadowy world war where enemies from Yemen to Portland, Ore., are planning holy terror.

Army, Marine chiefs cast doubt on gay service (AP)

The Marines are the most uncomfortable with the idea of lifting the ban, according to the Pentagon study that polled each service. Nearly 60 percent of Marines in combat jobs said the change would dent fighting mettle.

Aircraft #13 on the Doolittle Raid (

A self-explanatory and compelling story of initiative, airmanship, and officership.

Phi Beta Iota: A few points of balance….

1.  Military pay in wartime is very very good–the only people who should be exempt are the 4% on the front-line who take 80% of the casualties, everyone else is full-up on unearned combat pay, clubs, post exchanges, and ice cream shops.

2.  Assange is Australian and has not violated any US laws.  Charles Krauthammer knows this and is venting for the ignorant that love him.  This is a similar situation to where CIA claims it cannot tell Congress anything to protect sources and methods, when all it is protecting is its culture of corruption and its grotesque incompetence at operations, analysis, and technology.  WikiLeaks is the antidote to Rule by Secrecy, Transparency is the 21st Century Killer App.  Get over it, the game has changed and the public is on track to being sovereign again.

3.  The Marines are the single most attractive service for gay men seeking “real men” and the dirty little secret of the Marine Corps has for a very long time been that it hosts a wealth of gay staff non-commissioned officers as well as lesbian officers who thrive in that environment.  Cultures change over time–at one time the Israelis were right when they said women in combat took the focus off the mission.  That is less true now.  The day will come when gay and lesbian are accepted biological facts rather than cultural biases, on balance C/JCS is right.  Red light green light protocols work just fine in same-sex situations as they do in opposite sex situations, as to administrative housing regulations.

4.  Aircraft #13 is a truly great story.  It's the kind of story that benefits from holding the moral high ground.

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