No Labels: No Specifics, No Coherence, No Point.

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No Labels: No Specifics, No Coherence, No Point.

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If I didn’t know better, I would think the whole “No Labels” movement was a giant, self-parodying prank.

I tuned in to the webcast of the group’s kickoff to hear a woman saying, “You just have to look to Arizona to see extremists who are trying to divide us.” I guess I know how the group feels about the Arizona immigration enforcement law. Of course, I thought the point of the group was to stop labeling people; but I guess it’s okay to label the overwhelming majority of Arizonans “extremists.”

Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, introduced himself  “a proud Democrat… who is also proud that he grew up in a no-labels house in a proud no-labels town.” He continued to sing the joys of the label-free lifestyle in a manner that probably should make his constituents look to their shoes in shame: “The most important place I go every day is the House gym. Because there are no labels in the House gym.”

I can’t help but notice that the Republicans involved all lost primaries or fled the party: Bob Inglis, Mike Castle, Charlie Crist, Michael Bloomberg.

Early Comments by Others:

Dan Davis: Funny how the people behind “No Labels” seem to be people that were sporting labels that Americans rejected in a resounding manner.  Labels are not the problem. It is the worldviews and ideals that they themselves imbued said labels with! Ditching the labels is a short term solution.

EMC Geek: So if something doesn’t have a label, isn’t that an indication it’s reached it’s expiration date?

Blackhawks: I don’t totally disagree with their stated goals, but their “no labels” reminds me a little too much of the “No Logo” Naomi Klein book, which I definitely disagreed with.

Davidinvirginia: Well, after all, some of the best and funniest self-parody is completely unintentional. 🙂

This bunch is almost too sad and pathetic to be funny, though.

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