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31 December 2010

‘No label' the new false flag (Examiner)

30 December 2010

Coffee Party 2.0: Similarities Between No Labels and Previous Incarnation Includes Extreme MSM Hype (newsbusters)

NO LABELS NO WINNER (Tucson Citizen)

29 December 2010

No Labels, but still sworn enemies (Boston Globe)

The Freak Show: It’s Time To Dump Democrats And Republicans (The Aquarian)

27 December 2010

The Power of Labeling (Human Events)

26 December 2010

Brown: A time when “no labels” was a reality (DenverPost)

No Labels: Time for many to unite as one (Foster's Daily Democrat)

25 December 2010

No Labels = the Ignorant Middle (mensnesdaily)

In search of more politically accurate labels (SouthBendTribune)

24 December 2010

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Mike B & Jackie S? Just a Wild Guess....

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13 Dec  As Electoral Ground Shifts, Bloomberg Could Skip the Party (NYT)

14 Dec  Will The ‘No Labels' Movement Be MSNBC's Tea Party? (Business Insider)

14 Dec  RINO-Dem Group “No Labels” Blatantly Steals Logo… (Weasel Zippers)

Notice the two persistent colors....

14 Dec  No Labels designer apologizes (Politico)

13 Dec  Designer: No Labels lifted penguins of bipartisanship (Politico)

14 Dec  Second Thoughts on No Labels (Slate)

13 Dec The new political group No Labels shows why labels exist (Slate)

14 Dec  No Labels group seeking nonpartisan middle ground (Washington Post)

Phi Beta Iota: This last one is simply for the record.  If we ever needed yet another demonstration of absolute irrelevance of the Washington Post to anyone with a brain, this one does it for us.


Personal for Mike Bloomberg

13 Dec  No Labels, No Point (DISCOVER)

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13 Dec The Fierce Ideology of ‘No Labels' (

13 Dec  No Labels. (The American Prospect)

13 Dec  ‘No Labels' Political Convention Awaits Charlie Crist in New York City (Sunshine News)

Early References

Mike B & Jackie S? Just a Wild Guess....

5 Dec Sells Out–No Labels + Americans Elect + CUIP =Trifecta of Electoral Fraud (PhiBetaIota)

30 Nov  No Labels “Non-Party” Equals “Four More Years” for Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Grand Theft USA

28 Nov  President Bloomberg? New third party, “No Labels”, and the Interactiv­e Voter Choice System (DailyKos)

09 Nov No Labels: What’s Behind “Forward?” Pro-Corporate Economic Policy (Irregular Times)

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