2012: Predictions & Possibilities

Advanced Cyber/IO, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

Phi Beta Iota: The October 2011 Peace Summit being hosted by Pope BenedictXVI is a useful touchstone for reviewing the many predictions and possibilities that have been forecast with astonishing precision and documentation down through the ages.  There are two divergent interpretations; Phi Beta Iota accepts the second.

1.  End of Humanity–apocalypse, nuclear wars, plagues, red tides killing all sea life, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  extraterrestrials optional.

2.  Wake-Up Call for Humanity–a convergence of exposed evils and the emergence of a much greater collective compassion and collective intelligence than most have imagined–from this, a “great turning.”

Here is one web site that presents a full range of predictions & possibilities:  2012 Predictions, and below, its active index:

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