Journal: Supreme Court OK’s Astroturfed Zombie Army

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An Astroturfed Zombie Army

The Future of American Democracy?

By Werther*

ElectronicPolitics, January 2, 2011

EXTRACT:  With the Citizens United Supreme Court decision (certainly one of the ten most consequential rulings in the court's history), all pretense of restraint is gone. The reader can see just how unrestrained in the January 1 edition of the Washington Post. The article recounts the adventures of one Gena Bell, a declassé Ohioan of modest intellectual gifts balanced by an unbounded anger over a sense of entitlement slipping through her fingers. Otherwise a very unremarkable individual, made remarkable only by the fact that the Koch brothers, through the front group Americans for Prosperity, paid for her to demonstrate against the United Nations climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico.

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