Central Asia–Failed States in the Making

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Central Asia: Decay and Decline

International Crisis Group Report 201 3 Feb 2011

Quietly but steadily Central Asia’s basic human and physical
infrastructure – the roads, power plants, hospitals and schools and the
last generation of Soviet-trained specialists who have kept this all
running – is disappearing. The equipment is wearing out, the personnel
retiring or dying. Post-independence regimes made little effort to
maintain or replace either, and funds allocated for this purpose have
largely been eaten up by corruption. This collapse has already sparked
protests and contributed to the overthrow of a government.

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Phi Beta Iota: Failed states multiplied from roughly 25 to over 175 during the Bush-Cheney administrations, and nothing has been done by the Obama-Biden administration to slow down and reverse this strong trend.  The USA desperately needs four reforms if it is to restore the Republic and be a force for good both at home (where poverty is deepening and the middle class largely destroyed) and abroad.  We need a President that wants to be informed; a Congress that wants to be responsible; and an intelligence community able to do Whole of Government holistic intelligence (decision) support.

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