COLLECTIVE IDIOCY…but that’s classified

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Hiding Details of Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes National Security


New York Times, Published: February 19, 2011

WASHINGTON — For eight years, government officials turned to Dennis Montgomery, a California computer programmer, for eye-popping technology that he said could catch terrorists. Now, federal officials want nothing to do with him and are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his dealings with Washington stay secret.

Phi Beta Iota: Read the entire  sorry tale….not only are all elements of the US Government stupid about contracting, but they do not talk to each other such that truly fraudulent very expensive propositions can make the rounds.  Sadly, this applies to the bulk of DARPA, Irregular Warfare, and “advanced” Science & Technology “research,”  and of course education, health, and what passes for justice–the prison slave farms.  News flash for the White House: demand intelligence–and integrity–save $1 trillion a year.  Duh.

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