Diversity in Wholeness: “We were made different to complete each other…”

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Tom Atlee

Dear friends,

Two remarkable presentations of our common humanity and shared predicament showed up in my email today.  One is one of the most beautiful and intense videos I've ever seen and the other is a glimpse of the global spirit infusing the current uprisings in very diverse nations.

Blessings on our shared Journey…



1.  The Human Planet … A spectacular video trailer of the BBC's ONE


Its fast-paced images of the archetypal energies and challenges of human life on Earth are riveting!


2.  From Cairo to Madison: Hope and Solidarity are Alive


by Medea Benjamin


And a closing word for U.S.Americans, from Ralph Nader:

“In a country that has so many problems it doesn't deserve and so many solutions that it doesn't apply; all things are possible when people begin looking at themselves for the necessary power to produce a just society.”


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