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Jon Lebkowsky Bio

Jon Lebkowsky is, among many things, contributing editor of Extreme Democracy (, 2005).  His briefing below brings up many points, among which three stand-out:

1.  There is no lack of intelligence–what is lacking are the tools for achieving extreme democracy in the face of a tsunami of noise and electronic pollution, with five core functional requirements:   gather data, analyze data, generate options, choose/vote, and implement.

2.  The principle challenge to democracy at this point in time is not from governments, but rather from those corporations that presume to “own” the Internet and all content irrespective of who generates it.

3.  Freedom Box (and what we have begun calling the Autonomous Internet) are an alternative–while he does not go into detail it is clear that there is a sufficiency of both money and knowledge to create a distributed Autonomous Internet.

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Briefing Online (Downloadable, No Notes)

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