Blocking the French, Too Little Too Late No Strategy

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Who, Me?

Libya, appears to me to be a US-UK venture, having little to do with Gaddafy. Rather, in significant part it is driven by the goal of squelching potential and logical French influence in the in the Middle East and its leadership in accommodating (establishing the terms of integration) Islam in Europe and the West.

Mr Malloch-Brown is one of the few legitimate contenders to Anglo statesmanship in this era. But I find the following to be misleading in trying to make the case that this was a worthy mission, but too hard to bring off diplomatically. I believe these to be talking points.

Mark Malloch-Brown: Diplomatic ‘triumph’ at the UN is unravelling already

The Council might have begun by contemplating two clear political alternatives and then developing a military strategy that flowed from that choice

Independent UK, Tuesday 22 March 2011  Read article…

Phi Beta Iota: The sweeping public movements across North Africa and the Middle East are if anything an indictment of what one author calls the “fifty-year wound” and a validation of what another author calls the “unconquerable world.”  Vastly more benevolent strategic imperatives, such as Ambassador Mark Palmer’s vision for providing all 44 dictators with an exit strategy (42 of them “best pals” of the USA at this time), have been ignored. 

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