10 Projects Toward a Superfluid Economy

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Venessa Miemis

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10 Projects Moving Us Towards a Superfluid Economy

March 22, 2011

What is the future of money? And not just money, but currencies in general – from virtual currencies to timebanks to social currencies based around trust, identity, reputation, expertise and relationships. And not just currencies, a.k.a. tools that are supposed to represent a unit of measurement in order to transact, but also value exchange in general and the social behaviors that precede them.

So we’re really talking about The Superfluid Economy, the set of tools and behaviors that are developing to make economic exchange, transactions, payments, commerce, distributed collaboration, resource allocation, and social enterprise formation as frictionless and fluid as possible.

To kick off the conversation, I pulled up 10 projects that are innovating in this space which are either developing new products and services, or raising awareness through art and media. We’re excited to know that some of the initiatives below will be represented at Contact!

Read Blog that includes graphics, text, and twitter handles….

1. The Metacurrency Project ..  2. Community Forge ..  3. Bitcoin ..  4. Symbionomics ..  5. Payswarm ..  6. Ripple ..  7. OurGoods ..  8. WingCash ..  9. Open Bank Project ..  10. time/bank

Phi Beta Iota: Each generation marks their own path.  The above list does not include the real pioneers of Open Money and community credits.  Learn more at Open MoneyOpenmoney, and  P2P Open Money Category.

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