Fight Global Warming: Free Fiber to the Home….

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Executive Summary

This blog is about a novel new business model for delivering Fiber to the Home. A proposed pilot deployment is underway in Ottawa Canada.

See slideshow with  detailed business plan.


One of , if not, the greatest threats to our future society and economy is global warming. Governments around the world are wrestling with the challenge of how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The current preferred approaches are to impose “carbon” taxes and/or implement various forms of cap and trade systems. However another approach to help reduce carbon emission is to “reward” those who reduce their carbon footprint rather than imposing draconian taxes or dubious cap and trade systems. Consumers will generally respond more positively to voluntary reward mechanisms as opposed to mandatory solutions imposed by government or other authorities. For more details on carbon rewards see

This paper discusses one possible reward system where consumers are provided with free true high speed Internet if they reduce their overall energy consumption. Not only does the consumer benefit, but this business model also provides new revenue opportunities for network operators and builders.

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Tip of the Hat to Patrick Anderson at the Freedom Box discussion and the Building a Decentralized and Distributed Internet Google Groups

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