TED: Salman Khan–Use video to reinvent education

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and, now, other subjects. He shows the power of interactive exercises, and calls for teachers to consider flipping the traditional classroom script — give students video lectures to watch at home, and do “homework” in the classroom with the teacher available to help.

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

Phi Beta Iota: The huge insight here is that today's digital natives not only learn better with video than in person, but it optimizes everyone's time: the learners can “control” the content to repeat as needed, while not hearing “do you understand” over and over; and the teacher can do more and more videos that can be used by more and more people.  This flips the system–the lectures become homework, and “homework” becomes interactive teamwork in the classroom.  Technology humanizes the classroom by moving the rote outside the classroom.

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