Five Major Trends in Advance Cyber-Social

Advanced Cyber/IO, Cultural Intelligence, Mobile, Real Time
Ric Merrifield

I spend a lot of time looking at and writing about disruptive business models, and lately I have been talking about a handful that I think are really meaningful that will continue to mature over time and work their way into lots of other industries. 1) Friending. 2) Getting nothing, but paying for it. 3) Getting something, but not paying for it. 4) David beating Goliath. 5) Adding a third party to two party transactions. Visit Blog for full text accompanying each of the above. Phi Beta Iota: At DEMO Spring 2011 the deep persistent theme was the embedding of social media into everything.   This is also one of the themes in Jane McGonigal's book, Reality Is Broken–Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.

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