Globalization & Anti-Globalization: Information War

Advanced Cyber/IO, Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence

Listening to the Foes of Globalization

Laurence Brahm

South China Morning Post, 11/22/2005

EXTRACT:  Ironically, those in the so –called anti- globalization movement are all for the globalization of information. Mobile phone and the Internet are most critical tools, forming an underground media that people globally must now turn to in order to understand what is really happening.

In the mainstream, multinational corporate media realm, actual events are edited, watered down a misconstrued. Newsreaders and commentators who sing the praises of globalization dismiss what is becoming a global, people’s free democratic movement with the crude label “anti-globalization”.

EXTRACT:   After Genoa, a viewer named Kaka Tim wrote an open letter to the BBC, saying:” I found your reporting of the recent demonstration against the G8 in Genoa extremely unbalanced, distorted, inaccurated and selective with the facts. The fact that I have to consult what is effectively the ‘underground’ media in order to discover the truth about what happens on political demonstrations is a disturbing development..’

He said that while the protesters came from a wide variety of background, they agreed “that the free-market policies of the multinational corporation and the wealthy western government are overwhelmingly self-serving and are driving increasing global poverty, worker exploitation, social breakdown and environmental destruction. This is a moral crusade that drove thousand to the streets of Genoa. The largest protest movement in history and a welcome rebirth of political idealism”.

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Laurence Brahm is a global activist, international mediator, political columnist and author. He is the leading advocate of a fresh development paradigm – The Himalayan Consensus – an innovative approach to development.  He is the author of many books on China, and one book in particular relevant to public intelligence in the public interest, The Anti-Globalization Breakfast Club: Manifesto for a Peaceful Revolution.

Phi Beta Iota: Emphasis above added.  What the West, and especially the USA, does not understand is that the information war of the 21st Century is about transparency, truth, and trust, NOT about bits and bytes and sophmoric (albeit hugely expensive) ventures into social media manipulation.  Cyber-Command (an oxymoron to begin with) should be about optimizing the discovery and dissemination of the truth–including the truth about vendor vapor ware and the long understood but deeply buried truth about the need to default to open source software and hardware.

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