Kajoo: Open Source Civic Engagement Platform

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Mobile

There is no info on the homepage yet but the press release is below – http://kajoo.org + the code is available at http://github.com/mjording/kajoo.org

10th March, 2011


Open Source Civic Engagement Platform “Kajoo” ready to launch at SXSW

2011 is already the year of Internet-fuelled civic revolution. The
immediacy and reach of the social media now provides not just a
powerful way of connecting, but also a new sense of citizenship to
communities around the world.

Kajoo looks beyond today’s revolutions and explores what civic
engagement looks like in the age of social media. It has an engaging
interface that enables users to earn points and rewards for reporting
opportunities for civic improvement, proposing solutions, and
implementing those solutions.

Examples could be:

* Beautifying a park
* Restoring old buildings
* Fixing or sealing roads
* Repairing fences
* Improving policing in areas where violence is prevalent
* And many more – its up to our users to decide!

Kajoo is designed to be usable from web browsers, smartphones and
“feature phones” in dozens of languages, maximising the global reach
of the platform. It’s simple enough to be embraced by non-technical
users, yet also provides a powerful data-set that municipal
governments can use to show measurable improvements in quality of

Kajoo is Free Software, able to be downloaded, modified and redeployed
by cities around the world. In addition, Kajoo.org provides a hosted
version that can be used by organisations for free during the beta

Our wish is for Kajoo to become a key way that citizens and
governments assess how effectively they are meeting the challenges of
their world. Through embracing open governance standards like Open311,
we will make all the data on Kajoo sites available for analysis and
visualisation through the fast-growing ecosystems of tools that adhere
to these standards.

In the 2 days since Kajoo was conceived, it is already launched for
Austix TX and is recruiting participants. But, more than that, the
team has already received enquiries and offers of support from NGO’s,
citizens and city governments around the world including Rio, Nairobi,
Toronto, New York and many more.

To try Kajoo, sign up for a beta account at www.kajoo.org.

If you’re a hacker, try downloading Kajoo and making a version for
your city. Grab the source today at https://github.com/mjording/kajoo.

Look out for the Kajoo team at South by South West in Austin, TX
between the 10th and 14th of March.


Daniel Walmsley. dan@kajoo.org 347 479 0512

Hacker, Product Manager, Business Development

Matt Jording, matt@kajoo.org

Hacker, Open Source Community Manager:

Sara Farmer, sara@kajoo.org

Subject Matter Expert

Chris Cardella, chris@kajoo.org

Game Designer, Social Media, Marketing and Publicity

Francisco Hui, francisco@kajoo.org

UX, Design and Front-End Implementation
Wiki – https://github.com/mjording/kajoo/wiki/

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