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Aaron Huslage

OpenBSC is worth a close look.

OpenBSC is the current name for a software program that started with the name bs11-abis.

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What is OpenBSC

It is a BSC (Base Station Controller) side implementation of the A-bis protocol, as implemented in the GSM Technical Specification 08.5x and 12.21. It implements a minimal subset of the BSC, MSC and HLR. It does not implement ant of the interfaces (like the A and B interfaces) between the higher-order GSM network components.

The goal of the project is to

  • provide a basis for experimentation and security research with GSM from the network side
  • document, publicized and point out any security related issues that we find as part of that
  • learn more about GSM networks on a lower level, particularly the practical aspects with real-world equipment

We are not primarily interested in

  • building a stable/reliable BSC/MSC for deployment in networks requiring high-9 (99.999….) availability
  • building something that follows the GSM spec to the last detail
  • disrupting actual commercial GSM network

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Phi Beta Iota: We have learned that the OpenBTS pioneers are working with and admire OpenBSC–the latter has different goals and the architecture is traditional.

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