CIA Given To Petraeus, DoD Given to Panetta

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CIA director Leon Panetta is to take over at the Pentagon and Gen. David Petraeus is to be nominated to head the CIA, NBC News confirmed Wednesday.

Sources: Petraeus to be nominated to head CIA

Agency director Panetta expected to become Defense Secretary, replacing Robert Gates

Phi Beta Iota: This is worse than business as usual, this is a dramatic step backwards.  CIA is clearly irrelevant, an off-stage holding area for a failed General.  In today’s context, the best candidate for Defense, Senator Chuck Hagel, has evidently had second thoughts about the viability of the Obama Administration.  Defense is about to be raped by the clerks as a bill-payer, rather than right-sized by serious people mindful of Senator Sam Nunn’s wisdom:

I am constantly being asked for a bottom-line defense number.  I don’t know of any logicial way to arrive at such a figure without analyzing the threat; without determining what changes in our strategy should be made in light of the changes in the threat; and then determining what force structure and weapons programs we need to carry out this revised strategy.

This Administration–like others before it–lacks intelligence; lacks a holistic global and domestic strategy; and lacks the integrity necessary to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities to the public.

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