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Although making no reference to Buckminster Fuller and Medard Gabel that we could find, the International Futures Forum offers a useful series of pages on elements of the World Game that they work with.  Here we publish the Twelve Factors and the underlying elements for each.

International Futures Forum

– State of organic life
– Species extinction
– Wilderness
– Forms of pollution
– Exploitation and degradation
– Conservation and restoration

– Weather patterns
– Greenhouse gas emissions
– Temperature rise
– Ice melt and sea level
– Mitigation activity

– Living arrangements
– Life span education
– Civic capacity
– Social capital
– Competition and mutuality
– Resilience

– Fossil sources
– Renewable sources
– Nuclear resources
– Energy intensity and efficiency
– Distribution and application
– Energy security

– Agriculture and horticulture
– Food quality
– Nutritional balance
– Food safety
– Equitable distribution

– Political systems
– Civic participation
– Local, national, and international policies
– Regulation and subsidies
– Exploitation
– Corruption and oversight
– Public order
– Propaganda and terrorism

– Settlements on all scales
– Infrastructure and utilities
– Design quality
– Degradation and restoration
– Urban ecological footprints
– Work life relationships

– Transportation of goods
– Mobility of people
– Free/fair trade
– Markets and agreements
– Regional economies
– Trade support systems

– Rainfall and melt patterns
– The state of aquifers
– Rivers and lakes
– Irrigation and industrial demands
– Purity and distribution
– Scarcity and contamination

– Finance and economy
– Values and lifestyle
– Work and reward
– Equity and distribution
– Monetary systems
– Freedom and regulation

– Population health
– Sense of security
– Additive behavior
– Degree of happiness
– Self-responsibility
– Creative expression
– Worldview

– Dominant belief systems
– Tolerance and fundamentalism
– Values and outlooks
– Ideologies and utopias
– Fixed or dynamic attitudes
– The place of consciousness

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