US Diplomats Lighting Electronic Insurgency Fire

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Hillary Clinton’s Senior Tech Advisor Talks “Radical” Global Citizenship

BY Gregory Ferenstein, 4 April 2011

Alec Ross on subversive technologies, Libya, Wikileaks, and the future of digital diplomacy.”We’re willing to make mistakes of commission,” he tells Fast Company, “rather than omission.”

In the turbulent center of the Venn diagram involving President Obama’s multilateral foreign policy, open government mandates, and Middle-East unrest is Alec Ross, the Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. From asking Twitter to delay down-time maintenance during the 2009 student uprising to courting programmers for Africa, Ross’s office has been tasked with coordinating the monumental logistics of a new philosophy that embraces global interdependence. Ross spoke with Fast Company about the meaning of the highly controversial “global citizenship” concept, the diplomatic difficulties in supporting subversive technologies, and the future of transparency.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is interesting at two levels.  At a strategic level, recognizing that there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic political mandarins when it comes to doing the bidding of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs in particular, one can see the “bad cop” Republicans complaining to make the “good cop” democrats appear good.  In fact both favor a global government of, by, and for banks and corporations, and this is not in the public interest.  At the operational and tactical levels, they are playing with fire, and do not seem to understand that the Twitter Revolution is on its way to the USA–true cost and 360 degree analytics will be the public’s non-violent tool with which to overthrow “rule by secrecy” regimes.  We note with interest the spokesperson’s rejection of transparency–in our view, transparency is the litmus test for integrity in any form of global diplomacy that is sustainable.  Transparency produces truth, and truth produces trust.  The US Government is not there yet.  Panarchy is the bottom-up informed solution.  Hybrid networks are in formation now, and governments are no longer effective in and of themselves.

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