What Presidents Don’t Know About Education Plus RECAP of 6 Star Plus Books Relevant to Creating a Smart Nation with a Strategic Narrative that WORKS

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How to Get a Real Education

Forget art history and calculus. Most students need to learn how to run a business, says Scott Adams (Creator of Dilbert)

Wall Street Journal, 9 April 2011

I understand why the top students in America study physics, chemistry, calculus and classic literature. The kids in this brainy group are the future professors, scientists, thinkers and engineers who will propel civilization forward. But why do we make B students sit through these same classes? That's like trying to train your cat to do your taxes—a waste of time and money. Wouldn't it make more sense to teach B students something useful, like entrepreneurship?

“Why do we make B students sit through the same classes as their brainy peers? That's like trying to train your cat to do your taxes—a waste of time and money. Wouldn't it make sense to teach them something useful instead?”

. . . . . .

By the time I graduated, I had mastered the strange art of transforming nothing into something. Every good thing that has happened to me as an adult can be traced back to that training. Several years later, I finished my MBA at Berkeley's Haas School of Business. That was the fine-tuning I needed to see the world through an entrepreneur's eyes.

If you're having a hard time imagining what an education in entrepreneurship should include, allow me to prime the pump with some lessons I've learned along the way.

Combine Skills  ..  Fail Forward  ..  Find the Action  ..  Attract Luck  ..  Conquer Fear  ..  Write Simply  ..  Learn Persuasion

. . . . . .

That's my starter list for the sort of classes that would serve B students well. The list is not meant to be complete. Obviously an entrepreneur would benefit from classes in finance, management and more.

Remember, children are our future, and the majority of them are B students. If that doesn't scare you, it probably should.

Read  expansion on the Seven Methods and complete article….

Phi Beta Iota: The college “bubble” has burst–for another four or five years parents will continue to bear the burden of paying for “sub-prime” college educations structured along rote Industrial Era lines.  Some parents are already allowing their children to drop out of high school, ace the GED, and learn something useful (such as how much their feet will hurt if they are doing retail all day) before going to a community college for the basics (that used to be taught in High School), and then selecting a college on the basis of price and suitability.  A smart President in the context of a Smart Nation would mandate challenge tests for all subjects, and credential all who passed on the basis of self-study.

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