Bin Laden Show 49: Lawsuits Multiply

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Bin Laden’s Son Reportedly Announces Possible Lawsuit Against United States Over Killing and Burial of His Father

Jonathan Turley Blog, May 11, 2011

Omar bin Laden, bin Laden’s fourth eldest son, has allegedly issued a statement that calls the killing of his father as a “criminal” act and a humiliation for his family. Notably, he indicated the possibility of a lawsuit against the United States.

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JW Fights for Release of bin Laden Photos

The controversy over the release of the post-mortem photos of Osama bin Laden has exploded in the news. At last check, there were more than 77,000 news stories worldwide related to this issue. And Judicial Watch, as usual, is right in the middle of this debate on government transparency.

Paul J. Muckle Law Suit

9/11 as a set-up and distractor to unite country while multiple looting campaigns were carried out (Afghanistan/Iraq, Sub-prime mortgages, Wall Street bail out).

Phi Beta Iota: The last one is convoluted but morally and intellectually on target.  Patience is rewarded.


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