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Following is a translation of a statement attributed to the Qaida't al-Jihad Organization-General Command.  It's actual provenance cannot be confirmed.

You Lived a Compassionate and You Died a Martyr

Statement Regarding the Defiant Battle and the Martyrdom of Sheikh Usama
bin Laden-may Allah have mercy on him

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate [Verse]
and prayer and peace upon His prophet [Hadith] and upon his family and
companions who spread the truth with their justice, and preserved the religion with their bodies and shed their blood to raise it, and upon those who walked their path and carried jihad as theirs, and were steadfast like them until the day of judgment, and thereafter:

A historical day in the great days of the Islamic Ummah, and a stance from the stances of its heroes and men throughout its blessed time, and over a smooth road that has been walked by the best of the former and the
latter.  The Sheikh, leader, pious and muhajer Abu Abdullah Usama bin Muhammad bin Laden-may Allah have mercy on him-was killed in a truthful stand, in which he corroborated words with work and advocacy towards the truth to follow the reputable convoy of the Ummah, whose caravan extended amongst great
leaders, loyal soldiers and honorable knights, in which he refused to lower his faith and hand over his leadership and to humiliate those who are humiliated and poor from the deviant and angered, so he countered the weapon with the weapon, and power with power, and before he could challenge an arrogant group that came out with its machines, equipments and jets and huge crowds and people's lamentation, his determination in front of that didn't weaken neither his powers collapsed, but he stood for them face
to face as a high mountain just as he was a high mountain, and he remained engaged in a battle he was used to its likes and he was familiar with seeing it, after he was excused and completed his covenant, until he
received the deceptive bullets and handed his soul to its creator, repeating: “He who sacrifices his benevolent soul for his Lord in defense against their malevolence, how could he be blamed” And he finished an
illuminated life with the glad tidings of glory that he demanded throughout the long years and walked the earth in search for it, and he received it [martyrdom] without rejection as it came: it is martyrdom for the cause of Allah [verse], when the echoes of his words didn't finish echoing in the horizon: “the happy one is he who Allah takes as martyr,” and his belief wasn't one of incapability.

Congratulations to the Ummah of Islam with the martyrdom of her pious son Usama; as after a life full of work and efforts, determination and patience, encouragement and jihad, generosity and open-handedness,
migration and traveling, advices and good management, wisdom and practicality, the Sheikh's life was folded at this time in order for his blood, words, stands and ending be a soul that flows in the generations of
our Islamic Ummah, one after another, as they learned from him that glories aren't built with wishes and hopes and that leadership is not positions and medals, and doctrines and principles aren't simply decorated words people utter, and that religion cannot be supported with marginal times, acts and sayings, and that the path of glory-in life and afterlife-is open to those who want to pay their tax and bare the burden of following, and leadership in the religion cannpt be gained except through patience and certainty, and the most previous thing for the human is honesty and loyalty.

But as the Americans were able to kill Usama, that is not shameful or disgraceful, and wouldn't the men and heroes be killed except in the battlefields. Every fate has an ending, but can the Americans with their media, agents, machinery, soldiers, intelligence and forces kill what Shaykh Usama lived for and killed for the cause of? .Sheikh Usama didn't build an organization to die with it and go away with it [verse]. These
verses will remain targeting arrows against those mute and deaf ones who don't understand, and the religion of Allah-including Jihad for the cause of Allah-will be raised, whose doctrines always carry pure hearts, and
pure hands work to revive it, and it is solidifies by honest groups who aren't effected by those who oppose them nor by those who disappoint them, until the promise of Allah comes.

Shaykh Usama bin Laden-may Allah have mercy on him-was not a prophet who was sent in the twentieth century, but he was a Muslim man from those who dignified the Muslim ummah, and he grabbed the [Holy] Book tightly and sold his life for the afterlife and sought after it as we consider him, and so Allah raised him just as he raised His religion, and glorified him for glorifying His words, and with him terrorized all the nations of Kufr because he only feared his Lord. And the Ummah that birthed out Usama is a fertile, birthing Ummah, and men and heroes like him will come; those who love sacrifice and patience and those who displease the living of their enemies and open against them the gates of hell or lead them towards
heaven with shackles. The university of faith, Qur'an and Jihad that has commenced Sheikh Usama bin Laden hasn't and will not close its doors, as the book of Allah is memorized and its verses are recited night and day and will not be erased even of they gang up against it; how not when our Mulsim Ummah today is coming forth more toward its religion and sacrifice for the sake of its doctrines and power in facing its enemies, and in realization of the truth about what is being plotted against it, after a pious, pure generation grew up of which Sheikh Usama contributed to instilling it alongside his brothers of pious leaders and righteous advocates; a generation that's glorified with its faith and is proud with its Islam, and carried grudge
against the infidel West and despises its fake civilization, the civilization of adultery, shamelessness, and dissolution; a generation that takes from the death of its leader an opportunity to solidify its loyalty
to the faith not an expense standing in its way, repeating with faith and certainty the words of allah [Verse]

And if the light of Islam and Jihad can be extinguished with the killing or death of someone, it would have been gone when the master of humans Muhammad died, and Arabs would have apostatized, or would have become folded once the Amir of believers Omar was drenched in his blood in his house, and Uthman by his Qur'an, and Ali on the road-may Allah grace all of them. And O' how many leaders who walked on their guidance and filled the world east and west with their words, openings and jihad, and the light of
truth wasn't dimmed with their death and their followers didn't back off with their absence, but with their death their followers felt more grudge against their enemies and more persistence to take revenge with the
banner of truth in their hands [verse]

And from here, we at Qaida't al-Jihad organization, promise Allah-and we ask him for help, affirmation and steadfastness-to continue on the path of jihad our leaders walked on, headed by Sheikh Usama, not hesitant or rejecting, and we will not deviate or lean from that until Allah rules between us and our enemies with the truth and He is the best of judges, and after that we're not harmed with the victory and glory and to realize
the openness and domination, or die otherwise. [verse]

We also assure that the blood of the sheikh Usama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy on him, is heavier and dearer for us and every Muslims than going to waste, and Allah-willing it will be a curse that will chase
after the Americans and their agents outside and inside their countries. And soon-Allah willing-their celebrations will turn to sorrow and their blood will mix with their tears, and we will carry out the oath of sheikh Usama: neither America nor those living in living will live in security until our people in Palestine could enjoy it, and the soldiers of Islam, groups and individuals, will keep planning relentlessly without boredom or despair or surrender or collapse or weakness, until you are hit with a catastrophe that will turn the hairs grey on the child before the elder!

And we call our Muslims people in Pakistan over whose land the Sheikh Usama was killed, to rise and revolt to wash off this shame that follows them because of a gang of traitors and thieves who sold everything to
the enemies of the Ummah and who belittled the emotions of this mujahid, dignified people, and to rise up in a popular, strong uprising to purify their country (Pakistan) from the impurity of the Americans who spread
in it corruption [verse]

This, and the sheikh refused to leave this life before he shares his Ummah her celebrations with the revolutions that took off in the face of injustice and the unjust, and may Allah have mercy on him, he recorded an audio recording a week before his death that includes congratulations, advices and directions, which we will soon release allah-willing, and he ended it with these lines of poetry [Sic]

Also, we warn the Americans about any mistreatment of the Sheikh's corpse, may Allah have mercy on him, or ill and inappropriate treatment of him or anyone from his kind family-living or dead-and to hand the corpses to their family, and otherwise any harm will open many times the gates of harm, with which you can only blame yourselves. Andwe call upon all Muslims to carry out their duty in enforcing this right.

Qaida't al-Jihad Organization/General Command
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
Source: al-Fajr Media center

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