Bin Laden Show 37: “CIA Stages Terror” + Recap

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Two searches provided provocative headlines from the past and the present.  We provide just three links from each stack, click on the search in brackets to see all results.

<cia staged bin laden>

Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video

Cia Head: We didn't watch Osama bin Laden die -staged photo

CIA Admits To Making Fake Bin Laden Videos!!

Ray McGovern Veteran Intelligence Officers for Sanity

<cia staged terror>

Ex CIA man [Ray McGovern]: Staged terror attacks could spark forthcoming Iran war [June/July 2006]


Osama Killed. BULL! More Staged CIA TERROR 4 NEW WORLD ORDER Coming

Phi Beta Iota: Most people–including naive Presidents and their key staff and most CIA employees–simply do not grasp the degree to which the CIA covert operations culture (and now the military culture) nurture psychopathic personalities who are absolutely certain they are above the law and their “mission” demands lying to Congress and the Executive as well as the US public and foreigners.  It also includes, as we now know, rendition and torture.   Col Ed Landsdale was the primary actor in originating the concept of “fake terror” in the Philippines as leader of a covert action, and the NATO/CIA fake terror operations in Italy are now well-documented.  It is impossible to over-estimate the depth of the depraved “culture of deception” within certain [small but overly influential] circles of the CIA, the same ones that engaged in waterboarding and that have absolutely no grip on reality–they live in a fake world isolated from accountability.  We continue to believe that the Bin Laden Show has been staged, and continue to recommend a complete investigation by a MULTINATIONAL international legal tribunal able to hold the US accountable for extra-judicial assassination without any proof or legal basis.  Israel is also a major player–perhaps the major player, in faking terrorist incidents to keep the US “War on Terror” as a flanking and funding movement.  The “Underpants Bomber” and the exploding print cartridges shipped via UPS were in all probability both Israeli covert operations aimed directly at the US audience.

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