Snapshot: African Union

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The African Union says only a political solution in Libya can lead to a lasting peace (AFP/File, Warren Allott)

AU demands end to NATO Libya strikes

India calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Libya

NATO launches fourth night of Libyan strikes

Phi Beta Iota: We consider the attacks on Tripoli to be outrageously illegal and immoral by every standard.  There is every reason for the non-NATO world to bring war crime charges against every participating NATO nation.

The African Union High Level Ad Hoc Committee on Libya Convened Its 5th Meeting in Addis Ababa

Model African Union Summit deliberates on youth empowerment

Peacekeepers from the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) park their tanks near the main Bakara market during fighting between Somalia government soldiers and Islamist insurgents in the capital Mogadishu, on May 23. Feisal Omar/Reuters

African Union lays siege to Al Shabab-controlled market in Somalia's capital

African Union delegation arrives in Somalia

Government, African Union Consult on Abyei Security[Sudan]

African Union to Bolster Ties with India

Africa: Restore Peace in War-Torn States, AU Told

Phi Beta Iota: As with all regional organizations including security organizations such as NATO, the AU lacks a multinational, multiagency, multidisciplinary, multidomain information-sharing and sense-making (M4IS2) capability.  Until they have one, they will remain at the mercy of predatory states and corporations.

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