GIS Coming Of Age–Tufts 2011 GIS Expo

Academia, Advanced Cyber/IO, Earth Intelligence, Geospatial, info-graphics/data-visualization, IO Sense-Making

Phi Beta Iota: All of the posters (use link) are expandable and printable. Below are just a few examples. Visit the 2011 GIS Poster Expo Gallery for all the others.  These are generally GIS 2.0, and do not yet focus on “deltas” between collected data sets (e.g. Chinese investment and corruption), nor do they question standing assumptions (e.g. that wind farms are the answer vice individual windmills).

Identifying Strategic Protest Routes for Civil Resistance
Identifying Strategic Protest Routes for Civil Resistance

Chris Sall
Climate Change Vulnerability: Mekong River Delta, Vietnam_

Patrick Neeley
Salt Lake Country Accessibility Model

Kirsten Wallerstedt
Chinese Investment in Africa: Good or Bad?

Jessie Pearl
Ground Source Heat Implementation in Massachusetts

Nicole Henretty
Food Security in Guatemala after Tropical Storm Agatha

Samantha Harris
Suitable Locations for Wind Farms in Mat-Su Borough, Alaska

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