John Steiner: Hackers for Public Justice?

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John Steiner

From: Dan Drasin

Some say the internet is the only field of effective protest-activism left — in the face of intractable establishment power, the growing militarization of local police and so forth. That may be a bit melodramatic, but the hacker group Anonymous has been giving it a shot with their actions that started in June of this year. What I didn't know until I saw this video (uploaded July 7th) is that Anonymous claims to be rolling out a one-year, three-phase plan, of which the first phase recently concluded.  Here's their video manifesto — full of sound, fury and gung-ho chest-beating, but also entertaining and provocative.

YouTube “What Are We Capable Of?

[Anon Press, 13 Minutes, 1 of 27 Videos]

Phi Beta Iota:  The video is a blast–very professional, deeply developed.  We are ALL “anonymous” in the face of tyranny.  Anonymous Attack is the alter ego of Public Intelligence.  When no one goes to jail for crashing the US Economy, the US Government loses all legitimacy and credibility.  Lies are neither patriotic or helpful.  Epoch A is crashing.  Epoch B is emergent.  Our focus is on non-violent intelligence (decision-support) with integrity in the public interest.  In the face of the vastly more destructive actions of the governments and corporations, and the benign corrupt neglect of non-governmental organizations, we can understand digital destructive attacks in the name of public justice.   Learn more about our public intelligence plan below.  May God Bless and Preserve the American Republic as it was originally conceived, not as it has been corrupted.  “Ideas are bullet-proof.”

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