John Steiner: Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

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John Steiner

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade


The New York Times, August 7, 2011

The contemporary American classroom, with its grades and deference to the clock, is an inheritance from the late 19th century.

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In her galvanic new book, Now You See It, Ms. Davidson asks, and ingeniously answers, that question. One of the nation’s great digital minds, she has written an immensely enjoyable omni-manifesto that’s officially about the brain science of attention. But the book also challenges nearly every assumption about American education.

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Simply put, we can’t keep preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist. We can’t keep ignoring the formidable cognitive skills they’re developing on their own. And above all, we must stop disparaging digital prowess just because some of us over 40 don’t happen to possess it. An institutional grudge match with the young can sabotage an entire culture.

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