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All prior RECAPs plus Series CLOSED below the line.  Updated 2 August 2013.

#OWS Rolling Update + US Revolution RECAP

2013 Robert Steele: It’s Time for Crisis Mappers to Spin Up Corruption Mappers 2.0 + Corruption RECAP

2013 Robert Steele Reflections on Insanity & Integrity + Reflections RECAP

2013 Robert Steele: Reflections on Lincoln, Principle, Compromise, Autonomous Internet & Citizen Intelligence / Counterintelligence 2.0 with Meta-RECAP

2012 Robert Steele: Reflections on the US Military — Severe Cuts Essential — and a Prerequisite to Creating a 450-Ship Navy, a Long-Haul Air Force, and an Air-Liftable Army

2013 Robert Steele Reflections on Tired Databases versus Wired Analytics + Jack Davis & Analytic Tradecraft RECAP

Afghanistan Ground Truth: Deja Vu & Nested RECAP

Allen Roland: Honoring Chalmers Johnson, Prophet of Truth + Empire Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: 20 Years Late, Council on Foreign Relations Has a Stab at Thinking About Cyber + Cyber Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: Anonymous Takes Down CIA Website + RECAP

Berto Jongman: Brennan Set Petraeus and CIA Up in Benghazi, CIA 7th Floor Also Betrayed Him, Dual Chain of Command in Africa + Brennan/Drone RECAP

Berto Jongman: Building Trust in Cyberspace + Robert Garigue RECAP

Berto Jongman: Call for US Torture Investigation and Eradication + Torture RECAP

Berto Jongman: Catholic Church — Dead or Just Comatose? + Catholic / Pedophilia RECAP

Berto Jongman: “Deathbed” Testimony” about UFOs and Area 51 from former CIA Officer + UFO Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: Deviant Globalization + Legalized Crime Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: Does Terrorism Work? What Do They Want? + Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: ICSR Report – As American As Apple Pie – How Anwar al-Awlaki Became the Face of Western Jihad + US Government Assassination RECAP

Berto Jongman: Interview with a BlackHat + Related + USA Cyber-Idiocy RECAP

Berto Jongman: Iraq Suicide Bombing Results + RECAP

Berto Jongman: NATO Gladio B, Ayman al-Zawahiri as Asset, Destabilizing Russian Border Countries….NSA Barred from Monitoring Azerbaijan, Turkey, Belgium, and UK + GLADIO/False Flag Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile + Cabal / Conspiracy Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: Sandy Hook Reprise — What? + Plus Lack of Truth in USA RECAP

Berto Jongman: SSCI Pre-Hearing Q&A — Superb Questions, Cloudy Answers — Robert Steele Answers 6 of 40 Questions Honestly + IC/CIA Health RECAP

Berto Jongman: War of the Cyber Worm Plus Meta-RECAP

Berto Jongman: World Food Crisis + Food RECAP

Bin Laden Show: Entries 01-76 CLOSED 17 May 2011

Bob Gates: Flat Out Liar or Just Feeble? + RECAP

BREAKING NEWS: US Government Assassinated Martin Luther King (Trial Is Over — 13 Years Ago — But Now People Are Starting To Understand — BEFORE 1 Black Man with a Voice NOW All of Us Who Dissent) + USG Assassination RECAP

Carthage under Siege + Revolution Tyranny RECAP

Chuck Spinney: Bin Laden, Perpetual War, Total Cost + Perpetual War RECAP

Chuck Spinney: Drones — Of Idiots, By Idiots, For Idiots + Meta-RECAP

Chuck Spinney: From Algeria to Libya –Lessons Not Learned + USG CIA Web of Deceit in Arabia RECAP

Chuck Spinney: Hardware Über Alles in the Spendagon — Paneta Pumps Corporate Profits While Veterans Commit Suicide + Meta-RECAP

Chuck Spinney: Israel To Bomb Iran Soon + RECAP

Chuck Spinney: Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons? Bullshit. + Syria Regional Meta-RECAP

Cofer Black: Hackers Evil, Pay Me… + Hackers RECAP

CURVEBALL: The Interview + Integrity RECAP

DefDog: $15 Billion for Cyber-Command, Zero for Actual Needs + Meta-RECAP

DefDog: Anonymous Intercepts FBI – Scotland Yard Conference Call On — Wait for It — Hacking… + Meta-RECAP

DefDog: Benghazi Round-Up Plus Meta-RECAP

Def Dog: Cost-Price of Smart Phones Diving + AltC2 OpenBTS RECAP

DefDog: Defense Contractors Start the Big Lie Again–Jobs PLUS Winslow Wheeler Defense Budget Facts RECAP

DefDog: Iran Hijacks US Drone Shows Film + RECAP

DefDog: Is DHS Stupid, Dishonest, or Both? + RECAP

DefDog: Jim Clapper On Way Out? + RECAP

DefDog: Nurturing Innovation in Spite of Really Rotten Rote Education + RECAP

DefDog: Over-Stating China – Close Down PACOM + RECAP

DefDog: Was Petraus Bombed By a Zionist Bimbo Honey Trap? + Broadwell RECAP

Defense Science Board to DoD: Get Brain + RECAP

Dr. Russell Ackoff on IC and DoD + Design RECAP

Egypt’s Day of Rage–Arab Dictatorial Dominos….+ RECAP

Event: AM 31 Mar Washington Panel on Complexity & Reflexivity, Washington Academy of Sciences + Meta-RECAP

Gary North: Time for Rival Explanations & Solutions + RECAP

George Soros: Eleven Economic Insights + RECAP

GI Wilson: American Thinker on US Arms Smuggling into Syria as Root of Benghazi Attack + Libya / Syria / Video Meta-RECAP

G.I. Wilson: Killer Drones, Moral Disengagement, + War Crimes RECAP

Gold Paper About to Crash–Plus Gold Fraud RECAP

Gold Transformer: Federal Reserve Transparency Ploy, End of the Middle Period in Predatory Central Banking — Fed Cannot Account for $9 Trillion + Meta-RECAP

Gordon Duff: Benghazi Story Revisited — Military-Style Operation, Set-Up By Terry Jones, GOP and Romney Campaign Complicit? + Benghazi RECAP

Gordon Duff: Col James Hanke, USA (Ret) on Five False Flags in USA, Dick Cheney Rogue Chain of Command into JSOG, and Bi-Furcated USG (Both Dual Chains of Command & Competing Rogue Elements) + Boston Meta-RECAP + 5 Comments

Gordon Duff: Mind Control, Lef-Right Myth, Re-Connecting to Reality + Meta-RECAP

Gordon Duff: US Swath of Destruction a Pre-Planned Methodical Population Cleansing Strategy + Eugenics Meta-RECAP

Graphic: Benghazi & Failure of Political Command UPDATED to Show Marines (FAST Yes, MEU/MSG No) and Add 173rd Airborne ( – ) + RECAP

Graphic: Map Syria Iran + Syria-Iran-Rergional RECAP

Graphic: Stress on Great Lakes Water + Water RECAP

Greg Palast: BP Failure in Gulf Preceded by Identical Failure for Known Reasons in Caspiuan Sea — BP Covered It Up, US Department of State ALSO Covered It Up. Manning and Truth the Enemy, Crime by BP and Treason by State “Not” the Enemy. Say What?

HAARP Earthquake Wars? + HAARP RECAP

Haiti Rolling Update from 20100120…CLOSED

Howard Rheingold: Infotention Skills + Citizen Intel RECAP

Intelligence Agencies Fund Games for Spying + RECAP

James S. Berkman: Democracy and Citizenship + RECAP

Jim Clapper: Do I Really Want to Be Here? + Robert Steele’s Simple Guide to Fixing National Intelligence + Intelligence Failure Meta-RECAP 2.0

Jim Fetzer: Can the Ghost of JFK Save Obama, Call Out Papa Bush, & Expose Texas’Treason? + LBJ-Texas-CIA Assassination RECAP

John Maquire: One Year Away from Global Food Riots + US Food Fraud RECAP

John Robb: China’s Growing Spy Threat + China RECAP

John Robb: Drone Diplomacy – Comply or Die + Meta RECAP

John Robb: Free Online Open Source Education + RECAP

John Robb: Open Source Warfare Never Goes Away (Right) — Boston Bombing Was Open Source Warfare (Wrong) + Boston Bombing RECAP

John Steiner: Declaration of Occupation of NYC + Revolution USA RECAP

John Steiner: Fukushima Update — Worse, Uglier, Worry More…. + Fukushima & US Nuclear RECAP

John Steiner: Neuro-Economics – Convergence + RECAP

Josh Kilbourne: 21 Graphic Depictions of US Health Costs Compared to Other Nations + Health Fraud RECAP

Josh Kilbourn: Muslim Blasphemy Film Traced to Federal Informant (FBI Honeytrap?) and Stanley Inc. as well as Divine and (Both in Florida) + Meta-RECAP

Josh Kilbourn: US Banks Under Minor Cyber-Attack – Probable Israeli False Flag — Meanwhile US Cyber-Security Largely Vaporware + Meta-RECAP

Journal: Army Industrial-Era Network Security + Cyber-Security RECAP (Links to Past Posts)

Journal: Putin to Obama–Stay in Afghanistan + RECAP

Journal: Ron Paul C-SPAN’s Newsmakers + Ron Paul RECAP

Journal: Taliban Ramps Up North, Holds South + RECAP

Journal: Third Party Desired by 58% in America + ReCap

Journal: WikiLeaks Collaboration, WikiLeaks Attacked + CYBER RECAP

Karl Marx, Libertarians, & OWS: End STATE Power RECAP

Koko: 22% US Children in Poverty… + Poverty RECAP

Koko: China Rules Africa — and Ghost Towns…. + China Meta-RECAP

Libya, Water, and War + RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Australian Media – USG Calls Assange as an Enemy of the State + Wikileaks RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth – Prosecution of US Truth-Tellers Rampant + Secrecy RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: CIA Counter-Terror Drone Boss – Cognitive Dissonance in Spades + RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: CIA Flogs on Campus + RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: CIA’s Double Standard Exploitation of Secrecy — Use It to Hide Official Attrocities, While Screwing Iconoclasts + RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Congress Cuts DoD Spies in Half — CIA Continues to Run Amok — + Clandestine/Analytic Meta-RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Defense “Strategy” & “Budget” — Ignorant Duplicitous Theater + META-RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Jennifer Sims Party Line on Military Clandestine Service with Robert Steele Comment + RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Letter from Joint Chiefs to Senate Armed Service Committee — Comment by Robert Steele + DoD Trasnsformation RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: Pentagon PSYOP on Spending Cuts + Meta-RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: SecDef to McCain on Sequester + RECAP on DoD Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

Marcus Aurelius: US Army Chief of Staff Toes the Party Line + Meta-RECAP

Marcus Aurelius: US at Permanent “War” + War RECAP

Mario Profaca: US Lacks Cyber-Intelligence + RECAP


Michel Bauwens: Applying Sharing Economy to Education — Comment from Robert Steele and 21st Century Education RECAP

Michel Bauwens: The Future of Learning, Networked Society – Ericsson YouTube (20:18) + Digital Native Education RECAP

Michelle Monk: Chinese Plant Compound Wipes out Cancer in 40 Days, Says New Research + Innovation and Technology Repression RECAP

Mini-Me: Afghan & US Flag Corruption on “‘Auschwitz-like’ Conditions at Hospital + Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Boston Bombers Uncle On Feds Payroll, Tied To CIA — Director of the FBI Inattentive? + Meta-RECAP Update 1.1

Mini-Me: Boston Casualties Vanish Into Thin Air + Boston/Texas Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Clinton, Bush, Obama, Gore, Cheney, Biden All Indictible and Impeachable — the NY Times Story Obscured by Boston Bombs — Meanwhile, FBI Director Past 10 Year Limit + False Flag RECAP

Mini-Me: DIA Sending Hundreds More Spies Overseas – Long Phi Beta Iota Editorial + Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Earthquakes, East Coast, Fukushima Redux + Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: European-US Banking–Tangled Web — Tell Me Again, Why Shouldn’t We Default and Let the Banks Fry? + Financial Terrorism RECAP

Mini-Me: Every Terrrorist Either a CIA / FBI Patsy or Israeli False Flag? (Except Khost) + RECAP

Mini-Me: Fears Grow of Big Tokyo Quake That (A) Blows Up the Spent Nuclear Fuel and (B) Brings Down Transportation, All Trapped in Tokyo … + RECAP

Mini-Me: From 9/11 to Arab Spring to Iran War — Who, Exactly? + Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Fukushima Impact on US West Coast – Keeping the Truth Off the Table….+ Fukushima / Nuclear Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Geithner’s Fingerprints? Tungsten Gold Bar in UK + Meta-RECAP on Financial Fraud

Mini-Me: Jane Harman at CIA? Over Many Dead Bodies + CIA RECAP

Mini-Me: JFK Assassination Cover-Up Unravels Further + RECAP

Mini-Me: Latin America to USA — “Piss Off” + Cuba Makes Four Offering Asylum + Bolivia RECAP + Exchange for US Extradicting Bankers on Table

Mini-Me: Seized USG Bonds are Fake – USG Says So! + Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Time for NATO Truth & Reconciliation Commission? + NATO RECAP

Mini-Me: Two References on 9/11 & High Crimes + RECAP

Mini-Me: US Dollar Out, Yuan, System D, and Open Money In + Meta-RECAP

Mini-Me: Warning Notice – America Burning in the Spring + RECAP

Mini-Me: WWIII, from Gold Circles, A Whiff of…? + RECAP

Mongoose: Is General Patraeus Slated for “Suiciding?” + Meta-RECAP on No Rule of Law in USA

Mongoose: Mea Maxima Culpa – Silence in the House of God + Catholic Perversion RECAP

Neal Rauhauser: Syria, Regional War, The Only Red Line That Matters + Syria Meta-RECAP

NIGHTWATCH: Arabs Occupy Galilee + RECAP

NIGHTWATCH Extract: China-Iran Rail + China ReCap

NIGHTWATCH: From 1979 to 2012 – No Improvement in DoD Response to Ambassadors and Embassies in Extremis + EE21 RECAP


NIGHTWATCH: Syria, Russia, US, Iran, Israel, Lies, & Truth + RECAP

NIGHTWATCH: US is Escalating NK Crisis — NK Positioned to Hit Guam + RECAP

Nuclear/Climate Change: CLOSED 17 May 2011

Opinion: China’s Empire Soft and Pervasive + Meta-RECAP

Owl: Is DHS Using NSA to Create a Domestic “Red List”? + DHS RECAP

Owl: It Sure Sucks When Reality and Conspiracy Merge – Is Greenwald Next? + Hastings & Car Hacking RECAP

Owl: Micro-Nuke in Boston, Someone Planting False Evidence? Staged Fireball, Most Injuries Staged? + Meta-RECAP

Owl: New Eugenics Vaccine + Herpes Activator + Eugenics Meta-RECAP

Owl: Tea Party Spawned by Tobacco Years Ago, Trotted Out by Koch Brothers a Decade Later + Tea Party RECAP

Owl: World Bank Leading Eugenics Actor? + Eugenics RECAP

Patrick Meier: Google Blimps for Local Area Coverage and Disaster Response + Google Evil RECAP

Patrick Meier: Innovation and the State of the Humanitarian System + RECAP

Penguin: US/UK Perpetuate Soviet False Flag Model + Meta-RECAP

Poor in the USA: 50 Million & Rising + RECAP

Reference: American Soft Power is Vanishing + RECAP

Reference: Cutting the Defense Budget + RECAP

Reference: Invisible Empire New World Order DVD + RECAP

Reference: Network Neutrality…Why Not…+ RECAP

Reference: NUCLEAR FAMINE – A BILLION PEOPLE AT RISK Global Impacts of Limited Nuclear War on Agriculture, Food Supplies, and Human Nutrition + Eugenics RECAP

Reference: NYT on WikiLeaks + RECAP

Reference: On WikiLeaks and Government Secrecy + RECAP on Secrecy as Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

References: NATO Transformation Process Documents — and Gaps + Peace from Above RECAP

Reference: Third Party Bubble & Possibilities, RECAP

Reference: Transparency Killer App Plus “Open Everything” RECAP (Back to 01/2007)

Reference: US Secret Intelligence, US Banks, Illicit Gold, Murder of the Global Economy, RECAP

Reference: World Almanac of Islamism + RECAP

Reform Coalition: “True Cost” Economics & Genuine Progress + True Cost RECAP

Regime Alternation: US Response to Arab Revolt + RECAP


Rickard Falkvinge: Icelandic Píratar On Final Approach To Election Victory + Pirate RECAP

Rickard Falkvinge: NSA is Stasi Scaled Global + Naked NSA RECAP

Robert Steele: Cutting the US Military Budget – and Firing the Civilian and Uniformed “Leaders” Betraying the Public Trust + RECAP

Robert Steele: Day of Rage = Electoral Reform & Integrity Plus General RECAP on Purple Public & Third Party Rising

Robert Steele: Global Trends 2030 – Gaps + RECAP

Robert Steele: Honoring Martin Luther King RECAP

Robert Steele: Practical Reflections on UN Intelligence + References & Reviews + UN RECAP

SchwartzReport: BP Spill Kills Dolphins, Blinds Shrimp – Is BP Murdering Lawmakers to Ease Its Way Out? + BP Gulf RECAP

SchwartzReport: Only 47% of US Adults Have Full-Time Job — CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? Robert Steele Comments + REVOLUTION USA RECAP

SchwartzReport: The Dark Side of Home Schooling — And Public Schooling + Education Meta-RECAP

SchwartzReport: US DoE Proposes to Recycle Radioactive Metal Into Consumer Products Secretary Chu’s Final Disgraceful Act + Eugenics & GMO RECAP

Search: Aquifers of the World + Water RECAP

Search: China Fake Gold + Fraud RECAP

Search: cost of corruption + Corruption RECAP

Search: global brain human brain + RECAP

Search: how much humint is clandestine — Response by Robert Steele + Clandestine Meta-RECAP

Search: humint [Human Intelligence] HUMINT + Meta-RECAP

Search: libyan tribes map + LIBYA RECAP 22 Aug 11

Search: lord james of blackheath dead + Meta-RECAP

Search: maritime piracy charts + RECAP

Search: nato osint course + NATO OSINT RECAP

Search: phd topics on the role of intelligence in peace support operation + Peacekeeping RECAP

Search: slide designs corruption + RECAP

Search: tactical versus strategic intelligence + Meta-RECAP

Search: the death of humint + HUMINT RECAP

Secrecy News: Cost of Secrecy >$10B + RECAP

Sepp Hasslberger: Sun Splits Water to Produce Hydrogen — the Holy Grail of Energy + Water Energy RECAP

Sepp Hasslberger: Vaccines do Irreparable Harm + Vaccine Harm RECAP

Senator (D-MD): Leaks Should Be a Felony + RECAP

Shiela Casey: Photographic Essay on False flag theater — Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage + Boston False Flag Meta-RECAP

SmartPlanet: The $10 Cell Phone Has Arrived….Plus Open Cell Meta-RECAP

SmartPlanet: US Encouraged to Allow Private Retaliation Attacks Against Hackers — Pathetic Insanity Spurred on by Incapacity of USG — + Cyber-Idiocy Meta-RECAP

Stephen E. Arnold: A Fresh Look at Big Data & Big Data (-) Human Factor (+) Transformation (+) RECAP

Steve Arnold: Government IT Professionals Not Ready for Big Data + Meta-RECAP

Strong Signals: Truth or Tyrannicide + RECAP

Stuart Littlewood: Holy Land Truth — Christians Waffling on Truth About Invented State of Israel + Books RECAP

Theophilis Goodyear: Panarchy versus Anarchy – Non-Hierarchal, Network-Controled Governance + Panarchy RECAP

Theophillis Goodyear: US Propaganda Disaster? Officers Taught They Must “Nuke” Islam? + RECAP

Theophillis Goodyear: US Veteran Suicides: 25 for each combat death, 18 a day every day year after year + Meta-RECAP

Turkey to USA: This is where you get off….+ RECAP

USA National Military Strategy 2011 + RECAP

USA 2012 Third Party: Rolling Update + RECAP

Walter Dorn: Technology for Peacekeeping + PKI RECAP

What Presidents Don’t Know About Education Plus RECAP of 6 Star Plus Books Relevant to Creating a Smart Nation with a Strategic Narrative that WORKS

Wikileaks V Rolling Update CLOSED

Winslow Wheeler: GAO (A Legislative Entity) Plays Courtesan to Lockheed, DoD, and the Congressional Recipients of Lockheed Largesse + F-35 RECAP

Winslow Wheeler: Morally Bankrupt Flag Officers Need to Go + Pentagon Corruption RECAP

Winslow Wheeler: ONE COLONEL TELLS THE TRUTH – Major Investigation Called For + Meta-RECAP

Winslow Wheeler: US Navy Status Quo Culture — Lessons Not Learned, Substituting Pork and Lies for Effective Weapons Systems + US Flag Officer Lack of Integrity RECAP

Worth A Look: Understanding 9/11 and 9/11 RECAP

Xi to Obama: This Is Me Being Inscrutable — LOL! + Snowden IO PSYOP RECAP & CLOSED

Yoda: Google Glass — Dark Side of the Force? + Big Data RECAP

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