Mini-Me: Ron Paul and Ralph Nader to Form Independent 2012 Presidential Ticket?

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Who? Mini-Me?

Ron Paul and Ralph Nader to Form Independent 2012 Presidential Ticket?

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As our country continues on its downward spiral, we need to come together and unite against the two political parties that have led us into this crisis. Both parties have been paid off and represent the interests of the most powerful and tyrannical global corporations over hardworking American citizens. With all-time high disapproval ratings for the Democratic and Republican parties, the time is ripe for an Independent ticket to winthe 2012 presidential election.

Progressives are deeply disappointed in Obama, Libertarians are disgusted with the Republican Party and Independents are sick and tired of both. Now is the time for us to unite on common ground against the imperial forces that have looted our country and destroyed our economic security.

At this critical time, we are severely lacking true leadership from politicians who will put the American people before global corporate interests. We must look to representatives like Ralph Nader and Ron Paul as our last best hope for giving the American people a chance at saving our nation.

Will they come together and provide the leadership that we desperately need? Can they be a unifying force that leads by example? Do they have the courage and commitment to stand as one to fight back against the corrupt two-party system and the mainstream corporate propaganda media outlets?

If they unite, they can win.

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